Hello, Union University students!

Allow us to introduce ourselves -- we're The Bulldog Depot, your school's new bookstore. After a lengthy process of exploring options, we and your university are excited to bring a few new things to your school, starting in July 2022!

First, we are bringing you all an on-campus bookstore. We want you all to have a physical place to shop merchandise and get what you need for your classes. We think this will give students a better experience at the University. Next, we are introducing our Buster Book Bundle Program to your campus.

In the past, the cost of course materials has represented a significant challenge. It's no secret that the majority of you groan at the cost of textbooks. We have also found that when course materials have high prices, students are less likely to get their textbooks. We feel it is our responsibility to combat this. The Buster Book Bundle ensures you will have the best access to the most affordable course materials, creating a better environment for learning and success.

This program was implemented to address the following points of concerns:

  • Affordability – provide cost savings
  • Easy to understand and budget
  • First day access to required materials
  • Level playing field for all students

So, what does this mean for you all? It means being ready for class with your textbook rentals and other course materials hassle free on the first day of school. The bookstore will do the work for you.

We, and Union University, want to make it clear that this is not an increase in tuition. The Buster Book Bundle fees will be based on credit hour, and billed to your student account. This will be more affordable than purchasing books separately, as we have done in the past. We would also like to note that not all programs will be participating, and there is an option to opt-out of this program. However, we truly believe that remaining in this program has financial and academic benefits.

We would like to express our commitment to making this transition as smooth as possible. We will be in communication with instructors, department heads, and administrators along the way. We designed this program with students in mind. We want the best for you!

Thank you for your understanding. More information will be available on our social media accounts in the next few weeks. We truly can’t wait to see what we can do at your campus.